Saturday, 19 May 2012

Beef saté - Indonesian kebabs

What you need --  500 gr of good quality beef steak such as sirloin or tenderloin, cut into 2cm cubes; marinade [1 cup Indonesian sweet soy sauce; 1/4 cup regular soy sauce;  2 Tbs each minced onion and garlic; 1tsp each ground laos, corriander];  a large plastic container with a tight fitting lid; 16 to 20 stainless steel skewers.

What you do - early in the day - place all marinade ingredients into the plastic container and mix well. Add cubes of beef and stir to coat meat pieces. Allow to marinate for at least 4 hours - the longer the better. Keep in a cool place. About 1/2 hour before cooking time, place 5 or 6 cubes onto each skewer. they can be placed on a broiler rack and cooked in the oven under the broiler, or grilled on the BBQ. Cook to your preferred  level - rare, medium, or well done. I cook about 3 minutes on each side, for rare.

Serve with Nasi or Bahmi and saté sauce for a meal, or add to the buffet for Rijsttafel.

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